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Nordea masters

Two of our singles in with a chance T Olesen 2 shots behind the leader and A Levy 4 shots. We have 4 others 7 shots behind but despite A Norens heroics last week from 6 shots behind I think that too far back?? But we do have R Fox joint top of top Australasian , he needs to stay ahead of R Green and S Hend the other Australian's failed to make the cut!! Note V Duibesson didn’t start so get your money back on him !!

Memorial at Muirfield village

Our best chance of a win tonight is last week's successful tip K Kisner who although 6 shots behind the leader is only 3 shots off2nd, I hope the unknown leader gets nervous, we also have D Lingmerth close behind which is also good for our top continental European selections as is J Blixt. also our top rest of the world selections well placed B An,M Leishman and E Grillo leading,the danger is C Schwartzel so if he has bad round we collect.

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