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Nordea Masters Was won by R Paratore from Italy who wasn't on my radar unlike in the USA where previous pick J Dufner won at 80/1 just when I decided to leave him out!!! more about that in USA round up. We had both 55/1 shots G Coetzee and T Olsen tied 4th 2 shots back both had chances in an exciting last few holes!! We did however win with R Fox top Australasian at 8/1 and a non-runner in V Dubuisson so you get money back on him. so we lost 9 pts on singles but won 10 pts on Fox, so profit of 1 point!! Memorial in USA A roller coaster final day with our previous weeks selection J Dufner winning at 80/1 except I left him out, the joys of punting!!! We did however win on top continental Europe D Lingmerth 7/1 and J Blixt 2nd at 14/1 and we had M Leishman placed 4th 16/1 top ROW, should also have had B An placed but he managed to take 6 shots at each of two of the closing holes par 3 which takes some doing for a pro golfer!!! so lost 10 pts on singles, won 8 pts on top cont Europe and ROW bets and our doubles lost 4 1/2 pts across both events, even with Dubuisson a non-runner the bet became singles on USA players. So we lost 5 1/2 pts over whole weekend covering both events !! Back tomorrow with selections for Austria open and St Jude classic in Memphis

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