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Half way point in Austria and St Jude in USA, don't forget G Bourdy a non runner in Austria get your money back on him!! I particularly like our position in USA but stil chances in Austria???


Leader after 2 rounds is F Aguilar from South America but we have D Horsey and Z Lombard close up in 5th also M Kieffer and R Fox interesting in top European and ROW respectively as is Lombard for ROW.

St Jude

Our selection C Schwartzel joint leader after two rounds, he missed a few easy putts which I hope don't come back to haunt us??

We also have mickleson, Chappell, huh close behind. In ROW market we have R Goosen, D Hearn and M Jones amongst leaders with old friend R Cabrero Bello and R Knox in contention for Top European!!!NB Bet is on Glen Maxwell to be top Australian batsman at 8/1

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