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  • Nick Fleming


Scottish open Come on Andy!!! Not Murray for the tennis but Sullivan to get me out of the proverbial at the Scottish open, he's 2 shots off the lead and we have him to win outright 54/1 and 14/1 top UK!!! Matt Kutcher 29/1 has outside chance he's 4 shots behind having dropped 2 shots in last 3 holes!! We also have outsider 22/1 P Dunne 3 shots behind for to UK and 12/1 R Cabrero Bello 1 shot behind the top continental European spot!! John Deere Classic Only thing I got right on this event is winning score going to be above 20 under par !! Kisner, Cauley , Barnes a Summerhays 8 shots behind which is too much to make up on two of our previous picks Rodgers and Lovemark ??? ugh!!! Come on Andy!!!

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