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Exciting day in store in both events we have leader in Canada and close 2nd in Germany!!

European Open

A Levy playing in final group , he's 2nd behind out top UK selection J Smith we also have R Sterne our top ROW selection joint leader in that scenario. S Gallagher has R Ramsey to beat in top Scot match up, he's 1 shot behind. It's not impossible that L Slattery and O Wilson can place top 4 in top U.K. Market at big prices and as mentioned above we have the leader J Smith!!!

Canadian open

C Hoffman leading for us by 1 shot, G Woodland 3rd, T Finau 5th and J Holmes, L List, J Hahn, O Schniederjans a C Reavie not totally without a chance??? Having said that there must be over 20 players in with a chance?? Historically Hoffman and Woodland get nervous when in the lead so if an opportunity to cash in for profit arises I will be doing that!!! We also have old friend D Lingmerth in the lead for top European so even with average good fortune we should be collecting some money!!!

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