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  • Chris Sobey


A memorable World Championship Athletics came to an end last night in London at the Olympic Stadium and it was the end of an era for Usain Bolt who sadly could not end his career on a high note after not finishing the 4 x 100 metres on Saturday night due to cramp. For once in Bolts career the attention was taken away from the great man, but justifiably this time, as the Great Britian 4 x 100 metres team sent the packed stadium delirious with excitement when they stormed to Gold beating favourites the USA and even more surprisingly given the team they recorded the third fastest ever time in the event.

Not to be outdone the womens 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 meters teams both took silver and the mens 4 x 400 team won the bronze in their event. This meant the GB team ended the Championships strongly after going most of the week with just Mo Farah's 10,000 meters Gold to talk about after so many frustrating fourth places from our athletes in other events.

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