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Win or lose we are in for an exciting day at both events!!! Of course it can still all go wrong but we have many players in contention!!

Portugal Masters

Our selection Bjerregaard @ 50/1 is leading on 14 under par,1 shot clear of Coetzee @ 30/1, Pepperell @ 31/1, Elvira @ 79/1, Detry @ 64/1, Burmester @ 60/1 and Lingmerth @ 35/1 all close up. The players we haven’t got ie Warren, Luiten and Lowry worry me the most??? We also have Paisley @ 22/1 to be top GB who is 1 shot behind the leader in this category, its not impossible that Wallace @ 25/1 and Lewis @ 16/1 can be placed ??? So much could go wrong but you would like to think we will have several contending to win over the final few holes??

Tour Championship

On one hand I feel like Casey deserves to win a big event he’s playing the best golf of his life and leads by 2 shots but sorry Paul I would be much happier if our selections in 2nd and 3rd Kisne @ 129/1 and Schauffle @ 129/1 won they are 3 shots clear of the pack that include our picks Thomas @ 15/1, Rahm @ 15/1, Henley @ 109/1 and Rose @ 15/1. As in the European event we really should be contending over final few holes ??? Of the players we haven’t got that could catch up Koepka and Reed would irritate me the most as they were last names I deleted !!!

be extra lucky ??

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