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A nerve wracking Sunday in store as we have the leader of both events!!!

Abu Dhabi

Our selection T Pieters 50/1 tied for the lead with R Fisher, one shot behind is R McIroy closely followed by T Fleetwood and M Fitzpatrick, I will be surprised if the winner doesn’t come from these players?? It’s not impossible our selections B Weisberger 47/1 or P Casey 22/1 could get involved but they are 5 shots back which is to far??

Career builder

We have many good chances , probably the best A Cook 59/1 who leads by 1 shot from A Landry but more worrying is J Rahm only 2 shots behind!!!We also have excellent chances with A Hadwin 64/1 and G Murray 119/1 only 3 shots behind??? Also don’t forget S Power 16/1 to be top European he leads the danger R Knox by 3 shots with our other selection D Lingmerth 9/1 close behind!!

So it can still end in tears but we have some great chances??

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