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Crab Sandwich

The Best Crab Sandwich In The World!

Those of you who have read “ The Phoenix Rises” will have read my take on dining out in Ireland and my critique of Irish racecourses.

If you know me you know that I love seafood and have eaten it in many fine restaurants across the world.

Last week Hazel and I had lunch in the village of Skull which is some 10 mile north of Skibbereen. We visited Newman’s West restaurant on the Main Street and I ordered an open crab sandwich without any great expectations.

To my surprise what followed was a culinary triumph. A three inch pyramid of freshly landed white crab meat upon home made soda bread.

A match for anything I have ever tasted.

Things are deathly quiet after Russia and Wimbledon this week.

Most interest now will be in monitoring the transfer market and manager moves.

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