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Betting Education Services

KSTIPS offers a full range of Betting Education Services via our sister company LEARNTOBET.COM.


Over 30 downloadable courses covering all sports and all levels of ability are offered at reasonable prices.


Face to face courses are also available where you can learn from leading global education lecturers.


Don't delay - improve your betting performance now.




"Anyone who bets on Horseracing and has not watched the LEARNTOBET course on Racereading is losing out on a stream of big priced winners." Bob Evans South London


"Watching 'Developing a Winning Mentality' in 2009 completely changed my approach to betting for the better."

Manesh Lakhani St Albans


"Having been racing a few times, I was keen to learn more about betting. Watching the LEARNTOBET course Horseracing for Beginners met my expectations and I am now looking to purchase Intermediate Horseracing to develop my betting skills." Nicolas Cope Herefordshire


"Like many older bettors , the betting exchange revolution had passed me by. Watching LEARNTOBET's guide to Betting Exchange Trading has changed all that and I now have the confidence to lay and lay back on a regular basis." Peter Maule, Thailand

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