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2019 has been absolutely huge for our clients. Platinum members who backed our tips at advised stakes won £75,000 in 2019!

It could be you in 2020!


Check out some of our members betting slips this year.

What Can You Expect From KSTIPS?


After winning Racing Clients £38,000 to minimum reccomended stakes in 2018, Keith was unbelievably better in 2019. At 6th July ,Clients were over £50,000 in profit again to minimum recommended stakes . Many long term clients are betting up to 10 x MRP.

Truly exceptional and consistent profit

Read John Porter’s testimonial below and read the Results page carefully.

Few if any other tipping services in the Uk make a profit in any 12 month period. At KSTIPS my lowest return in the last 6 years has been 180per cent profit

Remember these profits are Tax Free


Just to let you know across all platforms - I won £18529.94 yesterday - that’s pretty much all on betfair so no unobtainable prices required.

Was a bit lucky because I press up when your selections drift - won 7.1k on Jester Jet, 4.2k on Lalor and 5.6k on Politologue. 

That’s a grand total of £45584.01 since the turn of the year following all advised bets & the blog bets.

Please just reproduce this letter and put it on your website...Happy to speak to any potential new clients who want independent verification.



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table 10th july_edited.jpg

It's not just horse racing with Platinum Club.

Here is Marks winning betting slip from our 2019 boxing day multiplier win.



Here is John Porters winning golf betting slip on our tip HenrikStenson who won the Hero Challenge at 30/1


This followed a 50/1 winner week ending 29th Nov 2019

Check out more winning betting slips from our clients below.

Golf Betting Silp.PNG
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