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KSTIPS Sports Betting Services

KSTIPS SPORTS BETTING SERVICE offers clients comprehensive, professional, betting advice on a range of sports.


Until June 2017, these services were provided separately. They are now consolidated in a single service which comprises;  



KSTIPS TENNIS has been a phenomenally successful service.


It has won for 5 years out of 5 since being introduced in 2014.


Clients are advised Tournament and Match bets.


They are advised to have a 20-point betting bank and to bet a minimum of £100 per point to advised stakes on bets advised.

We had one bet only at Wimbledon - £100 win on Djokovic @ 6/1

Results to date


Year                         Profit

2018                       £4,600 


2017                        £700


2016                        £1,200

2015                        £4,500

2014                        £500




Keith has operated a football betting service since 2006. AT its zenith, MAXNET , the football laying service operated by Centaur for its investor clients bet over £1 million per game.


Since 2012, KSTIPS FOOTBALL has bet to win or lose on individual matches and has recorded the following profits and losses.


Clients are recommended to have a 20 point betting bank and bet to £250 per point advised.

We made a £500 at the recent World Cup due to backing France @ 7/1.

2017-2018 to date      £2,750

2016-2017                £1,250


2015-2016                £1,000


2014-2015                £3,000


2013-2014                £2,500


2012-2013                £3,000





We introduced a Golf betting service to our betting armoury in May 2017.


It has had a truly phenomenal beginning and is the main reason for us changing to a consolidated Sports Betting Service


Clients are advised to have a 100 point betting bank and to bet to a minimum of £20 win per bet advised.


KSTIPS Golf clients are over £5000 in profit betting to £20 units since 1st May. Winners include


Here is a list of his winners

Date                    Golfer                              Tournament                 Odds

7th May               Brian Harman                   Wells Fargo                  119/1

28th May             Kevin Kisner                     Fort Worth                    64/1

28th  May            A Noren                           BMW Wentworth           21/1

15th June            Brooks Koepka                  US Open                      64/1

29th June            Kyle Stanley                      Quicken Loans              54/1

6th July               John Rahm                       Irish Open                    17/1

6th July               X.Schauffele                     Greenbriar                    74/1

3rd August          H.Matsuyama                    Bridgestone                  21/1

10th August         J. Thomas                        USPGA                         45/1

31st August         J. Thomas                        Dell Tech                      25/1

6th September     H Porteous                       Czech Masters              59/1   

6th September     M Fitzpatrick                     Omega European         28/1

20th September    L Bjerregaard                   Portugal Masters          50/1

20th September    X Schaufel                      USA Golf                      129/1  

6th October          B Steele                      Safeway Open              33/1        


Our Golf selector Nick is in similar form in 2018 and clients are over £1,000 in profit following wins for Simpson,Wise and Molinari. 



In addition to our core sports, we advise occasional bets on cricket and rugby.

These are £750 in profit on 2017.



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