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American Football

It’s almost here; the epic battle for football and advertising supremacy. Just one more day and we find out who wins Super Bowl 50 and which ads costing millions per minute were well received by an excited public. We can’t offer much insight in regards to the ads, other than to hope that Budweiser shows us their new-born baby Clydesdale, Mac, so we’ll try Football for $200, Alex.

The football game will be a battle between the sport’s best offense, Carolina, and the best defense, Denver. The two QBs involved bring different skills to this game. Carolina’s Cam Newton brings a strong, but not always accurate arm, a willingness and even eagerness to run, and an unmatched exuberance to the fray. Denver’s Peyton Manning, likely in the final game of his Hall of Fame career, will rely on his stout defense, on not making mistakes, and on his experience. The 13-year difference in ages between these two starting quarterbacks is the largest ever for a Super Bowl.

Health-wise, everyone’s a go. All hands are on deck; even Thomas Davis of Carolina, who sustained a broken arm two weeks ago, will start.

For those of you interested in having a few shekels on the game, here are a few stats worthy of your consideration:

Carolina was 13-5 against the spread this season, Denver 9-7.

Carolina’s winning margin was 12.9 points, Denver’s 3.8.

In Over/Unders, the Over was 12-5 in Carolina’s games, 6-1 in Denver’s.

In the last 20 Super Bowls, favorites are a measly 5-14-1.

If you believe that defense wins championships, as I do, then Denver getting 5 1/2 points is your play. This is in no way meant to disparage Carolina’s defense, which is also excellent. Denver’s is simply better. Add to this Denver’s advantage in experience and you have a solid underdog play. If you like Denver in the game then it makes sense to also like the Under. Should the defenses dominate, as I expect, then the only way this game goes over is if there is a special teams or defensive score.

More money will be wagered on Sunday than on any other day of the year. Bet with your head, not over it. Have fun.

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