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Scottish Open

Well we won the Scottish open with R Cabrero Bello who won after play off!! only problem is we had him for top continental European so we get paid out at 12/1 not 50/1 !!! sorry.

A Sullivan was joint 4th in top UK market

M Kieffer was 3rd top German market.

I need to double check figures but I think we lost 32 points in Scotland, so apologies to new clients but hopefully those of you have been following for last 10 weeks or so are 300 points up approx!!

John Deere classic

Close but no cigar this time when S Stricker took the lead I thought we were going to have another American tour winner but he eventually finished 3 shots back, considering he only just made the cut it was a valiant effort!! Cauley and Summerhayes were 5 shots back.

So 10 points loss coupled with 32 in Scotland = - 42 over the weekend

The Open starts on Thursday morning, I know most of the selections already so I will get them to you fairly early on wed morning as I need to get weather predictions before final choice.

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