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An amazing weekend for us in both events, the win double achieved with winners at 50/1 and 129/1. I know some of you do small doubles across both events so congratulations on your windfall!!!

Portugal Masters

L Bjerregaard @ 50/1 wins by 4 shots from M Warren who seems to have recovered his form and might be worth including in next few weeks? Pepperell was 3rd and Burmester, Elvira and Coetzee close behind so we were well represented in final round but really Bjerregaard never looked like losing, not sure how many times I will select him as I have to keep checking how to spell his name?? We also had C Paisley 4th in top UK market @ 22/1. So I make that profit of 14pts after deducting losers as Bjerregaard suggested 0.5pt win.

Tour Championship

An exciting finish fought out by 4 of our selections with X Schauffle @ 129/1 getting birdie on final hole to beat J Thomas @ 15/1, R Henley @ 109/1 and K Kisner @ 129/1, as you know I advise win bets so we can accommodate more selections running for us but I know some of you back ew and you cleaned up!! I make that a profit of 55pts after deducting the losers as Schauffle advised at 0.5 pt win!!

A profit of 69pts over the weekend??

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