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Horse Racing

Boom !!

This is today’s member message to KSTIPS RACING MEMBERS

1st July 2018

Good Morning

Yesterday was Well worth waiting for !!

Something to tell you grandchildren and to make your friends and non members of KSTIPS envious

Latrobe, our only bet in the Irish Derby Wins @ 25/1

This follows Masar @ 25/1in the UK Derby.

A fantastic end to June in a fantastic year - detailed results update midweek but you should now be well over £15,000 in profit betting to a level £100 per bet. I know that many of you put much much more than that on.

Today’s Main Selections

3.20 Cartmel 0.5pt ew Mercer’s Court No 6

4.30 Cartmel 0.5pt ew Wadswick Court No 5

0.5pt ew double

Why not spend some of your profit on a Kstips Sports membership for just £95 till the End of August and Get our Wimbledon and US Open tennis bets, British Open Golf and World Cup Bets.

Hard to believe that blog readers have not joined yet

You are costing yourselves thousands of pounds

Don't forget to check out the daily blogs at

Visit for all of your betting education needs

Also Visit

Good Luck


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