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Two bets only for Kstips Racing Members Yesterday

Che Bella won @ 20/1

Henry Smith won @ 7/2

£900 for every £10 double placed

If you look at the results page on you will see that this is not unusual;

7 huge winning years in a row

11 winning months in a row

£21,500 profit for a level £100 per bet since 1st January

To all you losers out there - do you not think it is time you took action?

I am starting a Platinum Club on 1st November and expect a 100 per cent membership at £8,950 per annum including a £5,000 Bloodstock share from all of my current members.

Ignore the special offers on my website.

You can pay £195 until 31st October and get Kstips and Racing.

If not just keep counting the cost!

Mark Johnston set to become the most successful trainer ever in the UK.

Mark Johnston stands level with Richard Hanson’s record of 4314 winners. He may have to wait till Wednesday but is odds on to have done it before before then.

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