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The 2018/2019 UEFA Nations League kicked off last night using its new system which contain four Nations Leagues (A, B C, D) and each League consists of four qualification groups. There is a process of a promotion and relegation between the groups and leagues and for the inaugural tournament it’s based on world ranking, so the top twelve ranked teams in the world are in Group A.

The clash of last night was the League A, Group 1 clash between heavyweights of the game Germany and France at the Allianz Arena, Munich, and while failed to deliver from n entertainment and goals perspective both teams will have been happy with the point for different reasons.

The performance of last night went to Wales who thrashed the Republic of Ireland 4-1 at the Cardiff City Stadium and the Dragons had the game sown up by half -time with a dazzling defensive and attacking performance where are the offensive players gelled well, were on the same wavelength, which produced goals from Lawrence on six, Bale on eighteen and Ramsey 27 minutes to take a 3-0 half-time lead. Wales confirmed their superior quality by adding a fourth from Roberts assisted by Bale midway through the second and Ireland left with a consolation goal which limited the final score at 4-1. Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs is carrying on the good work of last manager Coleman and with great spirit, a strong and adaptable squad and of course their world class stars Bale and Ramsey they will have a good chance of qualifying for the finals again.

The Europa UEFA Nations League action continues tonight and the main attract is of course England’s clash against the experienced and dangerous Spain. England will take heart from their great form in the World Cup while Spain are still in a transitional period after their then national team manager was sacked after signing a new deal with Real Madrid on the eve of the tournament. The media furore that proceeded this had and affect on the whole squad and group, which affected their team spirit and confidence.

Spain are a vastly more advance technical team than England, but England they have been working hard at this are of their game and theres been promising signs so far, except when put under pressure by the best teams and this is when their lack of experience tells, but they will learn from these experiences and I imagine England will become more and more stronger in these areas.

Other games of interest is the League A Group 1 clash between England and Spain’s group rivals Switzerland and Iceland at the Kybunpark, St. Gallen and after tonight’s results we will get a better idea of the teams and how they perform and who may emerge as the group challengers and winners.



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