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Wells Fargo

Unknown M Homa wins in USA from my suggestion J Dahmen 119/1 who lead with 8 holes to go, I hope you cashed in for profit? J Rose was 3rd, R Fowler , S Garcia and our other selection P Casey 33/1 tied for 4th.

China Open

M Korhonen wins from B Herbert with my suggestion J Campillo 22/1 in 3rd.

Those of you that can afford to lay the top 10 in the betting in events outside the majors will find it’s a license to print money as many of the top players use the weekly tournaments as practice for the majors, they get paid appearance money to turn up !!! As far as I can tell there is no downside as most of the field are top players so you have approx 150 players on your side and if by chance one of the top 10 did win it can’t do any damage as you laid the other 9 ??? If player outside top 10 wins which normally they do you clean up!!!

Back on Wednesday with thoughts for British Open from Southport and Byron Nelson in USA.

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