• Chris Sobey


Miracles don’t often happen in life and especially sport but what happened at Anfield last night in the UEFA Champions League second leg semi-final had to come close to being one. With seemingly unsurmountable odds of a 3-0 deficit from the first leg to overcome and up against the world’s greatest team and player Messi and just as important missing their top scorer and star striker Salah their chances were thin at best.

However, Liverpool (advised ante-post 14/1) and Anfield have a history of producing miracles and snatching the win fron the jaws of their feet; roared on my an ever faithful and fanatical home support they managed to put away the chances they should have done during the first leg as well. What made their win even more impressive was keeing a clean sheet against the greatest team in Europe and it wasn’t Liverpool’s big names who grabbed the headlines this time but the squads fringe players Origi stand in for Salah and Dutch midfieler and former Newcastle player Wijaldnum who grabbed amazing braces on the night and deservedly grabbed the accolades along with coach Klopp who masterminded the 4-0 win which sent the Reds through to the final on the 1st June.

It’s Spurs turn to try an comeback from a dire position being 1-0 down against Ajax one of the best teams in Europe at present who are rinding a high and full of confidence. Spurs, on the other hand, are in a slump, missing key experienced goal scoring players but they do still have enough talent in the squad to turn things round, however, it’s a huge uphill task and I it will take a miracle performance for them to qualify for the final. From a betting perspective, I thin there’ll be more goals than the first leg with Spurs having to go for it and you can consider backing Over 2.5 Goals and/or of you’re searching for a better price Ajax Win & Over 2.5 Goals.



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