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  • Keith Sobey

Horse Racing

Another fantastic win for KSTIPS clients yesterday;

Here are the bets I advised to Minimum recommended stake

£100 win Custodian - won at 4/1

£100 win Time Change won at 4/1

£100 win double



£5 ew lucky 15 on Tony Carroll's horses at Brighton


Really close to £40,000.

Check out www.kstips.comnext week to see snapshots of clients e-mailing in their betting slips see AW 's post below.

Well done today Keith.

Im sure I'm not the only member who added your 2 main bets to the Lucky 15.

I cashed it out on Sky for £19k prior to the 5.00 Brighton.

I initially thought the horse a bit unlucky when he was cut in front of but i think that's a bit of a feature due to the camber. So perhpas the jock was a bit naive? That said would he have won it?


These wins mean that clients betting to minimum recommended stakes are over £60,000 in profit in 2019.

This follows 7 consecutive winning years between 2012 and 2018.

Time for you to act - If you are not a current client you can join for three months for £495 or a year for £1,495 - Full fee is £7,500 per annum.

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